TSA Precheck Information Guide


Eligibility U.S. citizens, U.S. nationals and U.S. lawful permanent residents are eligible for TSA-Precheck enrollment

Wait time

3-5 days: This is the most common timeframe for approval notification. You'll receive your Known Traveler Number (KTN) if approved.

Required Documentations

You must provide an original or certified copy* of identity/citizenship status documentation during the application process

Enrollment Locations

TSA PreCheck® enrollment locations are conveniently located across the US. To find more about locations please follow the link


TSA Precheck Enrollment Partners

Skip the security line blues! Pick your ideal TSA PreCheck enrollment partner: compare prices, find convenient locations, and explore bonus benefits. Faster airports await! Get started now. (Enrollment costs may differ per provider.)


Travel like a VIP: TELOS makes accessing PreCheck simple and stress-free.

Time to fly? IDEMIA PreCheck: Soar through security, leave the stress behind.

Trusted Traveler Programs

Head-to-Head Comparison:

FeatureTSA PreCheck®Global EntryNEXUSSENTRI
FocusDomestic air travel securityInternational entry to USUS/Canada entry by land, air, or seaLand border crossings with US/Canada or Mexico
BenefitsShorter security linesBypass customs lines, kiosks, reduced interview waitSame as Global Entry + NEXUS lanes, kiosksDedicated SENTRI lanes, reduced interview wait
Cost$85$100$50 (potential additional fees)$70
EligibilityUS citizens, lawful permanent residents, select other countriesSame as TSA PreCheck® + additional requirementsUS & Canadian citizens with specific requirementsUS citizens & lawful permanent residents with specific requirements
Additional ProgramsN/AIncludes TSA PreCheck®Includes TSA PreCheck®N/A


TSA Precheck

  1. Skip the Shuffle, Embrace the Smooze: Ditch the long lines and leave airport stress behind with TSA PreCheck. Glide through security like a seasoned pro, shoes on, laptop packed, liquids flowing freely.

  2. Time is Precious, Minutes Matter: Every minute saved at the airport is a minute gained for exploring, relaxing, or simply breathing. Invest in TSA PreCheck and reclaim your precious travel time.

  3. Frequent Flyer? Fast Lane Forever: Frequent fliers know the agony of endless security lines. Make every journey a breeze with TSA PreCheck. Your sanity and schedule will thank you.

  4. Family Fun, Not Airport Frenzy: Traveling with kids? Keep the meltdowns at bay with TSA PreCheck. No shoe removal chaos, no spilled liquids drama, just smooth sailing for the whole crew. ‍‍‍

  5. Invest in Yourself, Invest in Ease: Think of TSA PreCheck as a passport to stress-free travel. It’s an investment in your sanity, your time, and your overall travel experience. Worth every penny.

  1. Passport to Paradise? More Like Passport to Priority Lines: Ditch the airport shuffle and sashay through customs like a VIP with Global Entry. Kiosks, not queues, are your new reality. ✈️

  2. World Traveler Woes? Wave Goodbye with Global Entry: Frequent flyer blues? Global Entry is your antidote. Breeze through immigration in minutes, no matter where you land on the globe.

  3. Time is Gold, Save Yours with Global Entry: Skip the customs conga line and reclaim your precious travel time. Global Entry lets you spend less time waiting, and more time exploring, relaxing, or conquering your to-do list. ⏳

  4. Family Adventures, Not Airport Agony: Make family travel a breeze with Global Entry. No more frayed nerves or grumpy kids stuck in endless lines. Keep the meltdowns at bay and the smiles rolling (even after a long flight!). ‍‍‍✈️

  5. Invest in Freedom, Invest in Global Entry: Think of Global Entry as a passport to a smoother, stress-free travel experience. It’s an investment in your time, your sanity, and your overall travel bliss. Every penny, and minute, saved.

Global Entry


  1. Unlock Seamless Borders, Unleash Freedom: Travel like a global citizen with Nexus. This powerful combo of TSA PreCheck and expedited customs clearance lets you zip through airports and cross borders like a seasoned VIP. Imagine gliding through security shoeless and breezing through immigration without breaking a sweat. Passport control? More like passport stroll!

  2. Frequent Flyer? Level Up with Nexus: Say goodbye to endless airport frustrations. Frequent flyers know the pain of long lines and customs blues. Nexus is your antidote. Enjoy expedited security, designated lanes, and faster immigration processing at major US and Canadian airports. More travel time for adventures, less time stuck in queues. Win-win!

  3. Family Fun, Not Airport Frenzy: Turn family travel into a breeze with Nexus. No more shoe removal chaos or spilled liquids drama at security. No more grumpy kids stuck in endless customs lines. Keep the meltdowns at bay and the smiles rolling for the whole crew. Focus on creating happy memories, not navigating airport mayhem.

  4. Invest in Ease, Invest in Yourself: Think of Nexus as a passport to stress-free travel. It’s an investment in your sanity, your time, and your overall travel experience. Worth every penny and every minute saved. So ditch the airport blues and embrace the world with open arms (and expedited processing!).

  5. Beyond Borders, Beyond Queues, Beyond Limits: Nexus is more than just a travel perk, it’s a symbol of freedom. It empowers you to explore the world with ease and efficiency. Break free from travel hassles and unlock a world of borderless possibilities. With Nexus, the world is your oyster (and you can breeze through customs to enjoy it fully)!

  1. Mexico Made Easy: Skip the Line, Embrace the Shine. Ditch the border blues and stroll through Sentri lanes like a playa. No crowds, just tacos and tequila dreams waiting on the other side. ✨🇲🇽

  2. Frequent Crosser? Sentri Saves Your Sanity. Daily trips north or south? Leave the border wait behind with Sentri. Beep, zoom, you’re free! More time for business, less time in line, amigos. ️

  3. Family Fiesta, Not Border Frustration. Make crossing the border a breeze with Sentri. No grumpy kids waiting to cross. Keep the piñata popping and the good vibes flowing without the line stress. ‍‍‍

  4. Invest in Efficiency, Invest in Sentri. Think of Sentri as your passport to effortless border crossings. It’s an investment in your time, your sanity, and your overall border experience. Worth every peso and every minute saved. ⏳

  5. Open Borders, Open Minds, Open Sesame (with Sentri)! Sentri is more than a border perk, it’s a symbol of connection. Connect with your neighbors, your culture, your adventures with speed and ease. Break free from border hassles and unlock a world of possibilities.



  1. Trade Lanes, Not Tantrums: Breeze Through Borders with FAST. Forget the frustration of lengthy commercial truck inspections. FAST is your key to expedited border crossings, keeping your goods moving and your stress at bay.

  2. Time is Money, Save Both with FAST. Every minute waiting at the border cuts into your bottom line. FAST is your investment in efficiency, slashing clearance times and boosting your profitability. Time saved is money earned, truckers! ⏱️

  3. Trusted Trader, Treated Like Royalty. FAST recognizes your commitment to security and compliance. Enjoy dedicated lanes, faster inspections, and a smoother overall experience. You’re a valued partner, and FAST treats you like one. ️

  4. Stress Less, Deliver More: FAST Fuels Your Business. Forget the paperwork shuffle and border blues. FAST keeps your deliveries on schedule, your customers happy, and your stress levels down. More road time, less downtime – that’s the FAST life!

  5. Open Roads, Open Borders, Open Opportunities. FAST isn’t just about speed, it’s about unlocking potential. Trade freely, build stronger partnerships, and expand your reach. With FAST, the road to success is wide open.